Medical Countermeasures: Challenging the Status Quo

Policy Status Article: CBRN Medical Countermeasures

Introduction: The medical countermeasures (MCMs) chapter of the CBRNe World Directory 2013 included a focus on the history of MCMs, required market characteristics to stimulate its availability, and various positions of international institutions and public figureheads concerning the need for relevant CBR (chemical, biological, radiological) MCM preparedness plans. Consequently, it became evident there would be a need for cooperation between government and industry. Since then, a hearty observance has been dedicated toward perceiving changes in international (non-US) CBR policy as well as related actionable behaviour towards developing innovative MCMs.

Johnson, M. L. (2014). Medical Countermeasures: Challenging the Status Quo. In G. Winfield (Ed.), CBRNe World Directory 2014 (2nd ed., pp. 217–223). Falcon Communications Ltd.

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