When Investment for Medical Countermeasures against Rare, but Dangerous Agents Becomes Cost Effective – The Ebola Case Cost

Research Article: Economics surrounding the Ebola Outbreak (short version)

Introduction: There are countless chemical, biological, and radiological (CBR) agents that are proficient enough to harm individuals. Examples include viruses (eg influenza) and bacteria which are widely distributed by nature, but also some which are far less common, such as the Ebola virus. Cases include chemical (eg organophosphates) and radiological agents which have been birthed by humans. Although some CBR agents pose low prevalence (the proportion of individuals in a population at risk that are adversely affected) and incidence (number of new cases of a disease caused by CBR agents over a given period divided by the population at risk), or even lack probability of emerging at all, some bear the potential to cause catastrophic impact to society.

Johnson, M. L., Dorandeu, F., & Guille, M. (2015). When investment in medical countermeasures against rare but highly dangerous agents becomes cost effective – the Ebola case. In G. Winfield (Ed.), CBRNe World Directory 2015 (3rd ed., pp. 215–221). Falcon Communications Ltd.

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