Business & Strategic Planning

MJ Lawrence Consulting reduces complexity and strengthens business focus to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

Examples include:

  • Business Feasibility – Gauge economics of market potential versus launch efforts

  • Situational Analysis Increase insights surrounding company strategy, product positioning, knowledge, and people

  • SWOT Analysis – Determine company Strengths and Weaknesses as well as market Opportunities and Threats

  • Tactical and Strategic Development Define key strategies and align to business objectives

  • Resource Allocation Optimize resource distribution across the organization (e.g. sales force, portfolio efficiency)

  • Project Management Cross-functional leadership to facilitate consensus and implement progress

  • Business Review Faciliate affiliate and distributor targets to better align market performance expectations with headquarters

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Mark Lawrence Johnson demonstrating diagnostic devices for Malaysian military officials

Implementation & Product Distribution

Based on precise targeted planning, MJ Lawrence Consulting achieves your objectives with its “hands on” approach. Examples include:

  • Stakeholder Interaction research, target, and create interaction with most relevant key stakeholders

  • Product Launch – Build interdisciplinary team and drive roll out of launch strategy

  • Field Implementation – Execute marketing and sales objectives in the field (presentations, training, product tests, problem solving)

  • Organizational Effectiveness – Identify and design approach to improve effectiveness and efficiency in business processes

  • Sales and Marketing – Project management of diverse sales and marketing initiatives.

  • Distribution Expansion and Management – Build and manage distributors as well as participate at exhibitions

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Government Policy & Tender Shaping

To harmonize mutual interests and needs of government, institutes, and/or industry concerning human protection and economic health, MJ Lawrence consulting offers multiple services. Examples include:

  • Market Development – Define a path towards creating economic policy that leads to government budgeting and public tendering for products

  • Funding Assessment – Identify political and payer hurdles, then lobby solutions
  • Alliance Building – Target and initiate alliances across public and private sectors

  • Tender Shaping – Increase potential for winning tenders by informing end-users and procurement authorities of product features and value messages before tender specifications have been defined and published

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Banner of MJ Lawrence Consulting at a United Nations training workshop in Tbilisi, Georgia

Economic Analysis & Communication

In addition to broad experience and academic achievement as an economist, Dr. Mark Lawrence Johnson, head of MJ Lawrence Consulting, has writen countless business communications (e.g. newsletters, brochures, flyers) and is an accomplished author. His economic perspectives have been published by renowned companies such as Cambridge University Press, Springer, and diverse trade press. Both his English (mother language) and German (advanced) are business fit. Examples of projects he can execute for you are:

  • Economic Research – Conduct research to uncover news story and gather factual base

  • Economic Value Message Deduction – Perform analysis to determine mutual economic benefits associated with the availability of products and services

  • Author Articles Write articles in full-length and abridged versions to clearly highlight the economic value message of products and services

  • Value Offer Communication – Disseminate product and/or policy economic value messages to appropriate audiences via personal contact as well as article publications
  • Economic Policy Guidelines – Design scenarios of policy that lead to cost-efficient solutions to economic hurdles associated with global health protection

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